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遇到年幼雀烏怎麼辦? What to do if you find a baby bird?

10 Apr 2020 1:36 PM | Rocky Sham (Administrator)

The SPCA, AFCD and KFBG are partners in the rescue of a growing number of nestling and fledgling native wild birds every year. Once the rescued birds arrive at KFBG’s Wild Animal Rescue Centre there follows a critical period of intense care involving regular feeding and rehabilitation for any injured juvenile birds and hopefully at the end we see successful release for many.

We are concerned that sometimes the public will pick up baby birds when the adults are still caring for them, so we have developed the attached poster and blog (ENG & CHI) to provide some guidance to those finding young birds. We hope this poster will help citizens to make the right choice regarding whether the young bird should be left alone or rescued.

If you are interested in helping injured wild animals or assisting in conservation projects, please visit (https://www.kfbg.org/eng/fauna-volunteer-opportunities.aspx) or (https://www.kfbg.org/eng/Fauna_Project_Team_volunteer.aspx) for more information.

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